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Grad 1 (480x360, 32906)

 The day started with a farewell party for the Biology Department

Grad 2 (480x360, 24818)

 Heather has a chat with her tutor of the last three years at Bath, Dr Heath ?.

Grad 3 (480x360, 24284)

 Time to gown up!

Grad 4 (480x360, 28870)

 Posing for a picture.

Grad 5 (480x360, 28401)

 Proud parents!

Grad 6 (480x360, 29270)

 Who's the tallest!

Grad 7 (480x360, 24203)

 Well done Heather. (picture form tv screen!)

Grad 8 (480x360, 28892)

 Heather and Mark outside Bath Abbey.

Grad 9 (480x360, 24585)

 The "undergraduates" waiting to graduate inside Bath Abbey.

Grad 10 (480x360, 19288)

 Another undergraduate receives an honoury "Degree of Laws" -for Services to Somerset, England and the fight against Leukemia (and Australia in 71!).

Grad 11 (480x360, 22904)

 Heather with BSc!