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Walking in Exmoor with HF

Day 1, Medium Walk (1 Nov 08)

Link for Day 2

Altogether, eight of us participated in the walk around Holnicote Estate.  Our leader for the day was Mike Ford.  Mike is chairman of Swindon walking club.

1 (480x640, 65535)

 Mike opens the walk with a prayer.  Or is that a map he's holding?  Janet listens with interest.

 2 (480x360, 33392)

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After a steep climb, the group pause for a short break at the triangulation point at the peak of Selworthy Beacon.

From left: Bob Beale, Doreen, Jean, Janet Beale, Mike Ford, Susan Schlur (From New York), Kathy Webster, Petula.

Let me know if I've got your names wrong!

4 (480x422, 11573)

Kathy and Petula reflect on life, the universe and everything!

5 (480x371, 9526)

Uh Oh, we've been spotted, is that a sioux indian scout on the hill.

6 (480x358, 13551)

Looks like Sitting Bull is on the war path again!

7 (480x360, 19240)

The sheep don't seem too concerned.

8 (480x386, 19558)

 Actually, it was just a fox hunt.  No fox of course.

9 (480x303, 38336)

November Bloom!

10 (480x342, 19053)

The group eyes up the way back down.

11 (480x349, 18213)

Such gorgeous scenery

12 (480x367, 20778)

13 (480x360, 16495)

Approaching the lowlands.  Minehead is in the distance.

14 (480x360, 29293)

Holnicote estate is over 5000 hectares and is owned by the National Trust.

15 (480x398, 25185)

A typical farmstead.  The coloured cottage walls are painted with limewash that has been tinted creamy yellow with ochre

16 (480x399, 26408)

Petula and Kathy on the trail from the farmstead.

18 (480x360, 17276)

All Saints Church in Selworthy dates from the 14th Century.

Highlights in the church include the 12th century font, painted nave ceiling, and 18th century gallery.

17 (480x309, 14069)

View from outside the church.

19 (480x482, 19517)

Similar view from within the church.

20 (480x360, 30680)

We descended further into the quaintest little village you could possibly imagine.  A place for fairy tales.

More information, including a picture of the left hand property taken in 1938 and a modern picture of the other can be seen by clicking here.

21 (480x360, 23132)

We popped into Periwinkle Cottage tea room (link) for some refreshment and then passed the last fairly tale above before our return to Holnicote House.


Thanks for the photos and your kind comments. I am glad that you enjoyed the break and it was certainly a pleasure for all us leaders. It is so much easier for us when the guests take a positive and active part in the whole proceedings.  From Mike Ford, Swindon


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Many many thanks - they are lovely and a nice reminder of a great weekend.
Thanks for your company and conversation.  From Kathy Webster
Thanks for the photo compilation. The pictures and adjoining comments were both great.  Like you we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend, the walks and the company were wonderful.  From Bob and Janet Beale
Alan & Petula -- Thought you might enjoy a quick look at these. From Susan Schuur, New York.  Click the Link to see super pictures of churches taken by Susan as she toured England.
Bob and Janet sent us some of their pictures.
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 BB2 (426x568, 55331)
BB3 (480x360, 19489)
BB4 (480x337, 32654)
BB5 (480x402, 18438)
BB6 (480x360, 24666)
Thank you all for your kind responses!  We enjoyed your company and if ever you are near Oxford, feel free to come visit us.