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 Walking around Montgomery with HF

Day 1, Easy Walk (22 June 10)


7.5 miles, 975 ft of ascent.

We may look pretty cool, but this was June, not just June, but pretty much the hottest week any of us could remember.  In the circumstance, Petula and I decided to take the easy walk.  We were lead by Mike.
Montgomery 1 (713x541, 65535)
Liz, Keith, Mike, ?, ?, Mary, Petula.  What do you mean, why wasn't I walking.  Well, someone had to hold the camera.
Montgomery 2 (745x459, 65535)
We left Welshpool for the hills.
Montgomery 3 (765x543, 65535)
Preparing for the ascent!
Montgomery 4 (696x447, 65535)
We make our way up the gentle slopes of Y Golfa.
Montgomery 5 (800x532, 65535)
Montgomery 6 (800x498, 65535)
So finally we made it to the summit.  Away from civilisation, where few have the stamina to survive in such rough terrain.  Apart from a few pensioners and a golf buggy! 
On the way back to Welshpool, we stopped at a nursery (for something to drink!).  The boss was in the office - in a box!
Montgomery 7 (671x450, 43789)
 "Yeah yeah, I know so you been walkin' and it's hot and you need a drink.  So don't bug me, can't you see I'm tryin' to get some sleep"
Montgomery 8 (800x471, 65535)
After some refreshment at the nursery, finally we got our oats - or something like that.
Montgomery 9 (800x556, 65535)
Old and knarled.  The trees don't look too good either!
Montgomery 10 (800x532, 65535)
So that was it.  Soon after we got back to Welshpool for a look round the town before taking the coach back to Monty!