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President's Day BBQ, 4 July 2010

Once again, Rober and Sonja Barter kindly loaned us their garden for the awards ceremony and BBQ.

Pres 5 (772x539, 65535)
Graham reckons he was on the winning side!
Pres 6 (765x521, 65535)
No David, you can't have a swig of my beer!
Pres 9 (800x607, 65535)
Alan hands David the winners trophy for the PRESIDENTS XI
Pres 10 (601x562, 65535)
Better than winning the world cup!
Pres 12 (800x545, 65535)
David Scott (umpire): "It was a tough decision this year as there were several good performances on both sides.  We were tempted to give it to 'David Wides' (Mr Wides totalled 69 in the match!).  But it the end, for scoring the most runs (32) icluding 6 boundaries and taking the key catch off next highest scorer John Simpson, we decided that the man of the match has to be ........."
Pres 13 (619x517, 65535)
........ Simon Littlewood!
Pres 14 (751x568, 65535)
 Simon demonstrates how to hang on to a beer in the gully!
Pres 15 (800x600, 65535)