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Photos from Binoy


Team Photo (800x574, 65535) 

The 14 Man Squad


Binoy opens bowling (779x457, 65535)

Binoy Opening the Bowling 

 Batsman in (800x401, 65535)

Holton have just taken a Wicket 

Binoy Bowling (800x404, 65535)

Binoy Bowling 

Binoy (434x1069, 65535)


Break (800x600, 65535)

Victory Celebrations begin! 

Break c1 (800x600, 65535)

Captain acknowledges his players 

Congrats (757x563, 65535)

More patting on the back 

Graham Hawkins (623x653, 65535)

Scoring interlude for Graham 

Indian Trio (800x554, 65535)

The Indian Contingent 

Final score (800x489, 65535)

The two Johns can't believe we won with 9 Wickets down 

J Kelly bowling (800x441, 65535)

John Kelly bowling from the far end. 

Scoring (800x598, 65535)

The excitement is just too much! 


Mahesh Pictures

 Tea (800x600, 65535)

Tea Time! 

Alan Banyard (800x607, 65535)

What happened to that one! 

John Simpson (800x652, 65535)

Catching Practice ?

Alan Banyard (800x535, 65535)

This one's got to go 

Simon Littlewood (800x441, 65535)

Simon Littlewood in fine form ..... 

Simon Littlewood (593x564, 49446)

...... Plays a sweet off drive. 

Simon L, Mahesh, Kiran (687x606, 65535)

Kiran comes in to replace Simon 

Kiran (800x270, 49648)

Kiran on the attack .......

Kiran (503x582, 44963)

..... Looking for a boundary 

Mahesh (657x618, 65535)

Mahesh tests the point fielder

Mark Deacon (584x547, 65535)

Yes, according to the computer, we've won! 

Game Over (800x600, 65535)

Time to unwind 


Alan Pictures 


Neil, Simon, Guy (800x737, 65535)

Neil, Simon & Guy have just checked out the wicket 

 Simon L (800x550, 65535)

Simon L on strike 

Mahesh (800x692, 65535)

Mahesh having a break 

John K (793x866, 65535)

John Kelly 

Simon L (678x945, 65535)

Simon L 

Kiran (800x356, 50729)


John, Guy, Phil (800x590, 65535)

The captain poses by the winning scoreboard 

John K (800x833, 65535)

Yeah, we won easy really! 

Petula, Binny (800x566, 51914)

We love cricket .......

Palmers Bar (800x600, 59693)

.......... We prefer a couple of pints!