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Holton vs Begbroke

Sunday 16 August 2007

 Edited from the original report by Alan Banyard


After a fairly dull and low scoring Holton first innings, this game came to life in the second half after tea.  There was barely a dull moment in the Begbroke innings (if it could happen it did) and Holton pulled off a remarkable victory by just 6 runs,


This was the return of an archive fixture from before most of us were playing for Holton.  We turned up with an average strength side (missing a few regulars and a debut from Chris Tarratt) on a glorious sunny day, with John Simpson captain in the absence of James or Vice cap Alan C.



John Simpson (480x512, 17463)

John Simpson, deputizing for captain top scored with 62



Begbroke won the toss and slightly surprisingly put Holton in to bat.  John and Pete went in first and against fairly tight opening bowling, got off to a slow, but secure start.  We were 15 for none off 7, then 27 for none off 10 as the openers completed their bowling spells.


Begbroke then proceeded to give all ten outfielders bowling spells.  Remarkably, five of the top seven bowlers had combined figures of 25 overs, 7 maidens, 7 for 50.  But in between, before most of the wickets fell, they brought in lesser bowlers who managed to bowl 27 wides between them.


Pete scored 22 before being bowled to a good one from Grant at which stage Holton were securely positioned at 60 for 1 and the rate was up to 3 and a half.  Simon Switala came in and John responded by forcing the pace with a big six off Wyatt (4 overs for 38 including 10 wides).  Then at 82, Simon was unfortunately undone by a good one from the excellent Burns (5, 3, 3, 2  O,M,R,W).


Ten runs later, Mark Williams was caught and bowled by the same bowler and when Martin Shields was run out due to a mix up with John over a second run Holton were 97 for 4 with only 15 overs remaining.  Simon Robinson did well to hang in for a partnership of 26 with John until he was bowled by Begbroke top bowler Day (4, 0, 6, 3). 


Unfortunately, the Holton lower order have had very little batting practice this season – and it showed as they panicked under pressure (self included).  John departed for a really good 62, reliable as ever and definitely one of his better fifties in the circumstances.  Mike Jackson scored a handy 6 not out including four overthrows to take us to 157 all out.


Six batsmen had failed to get past 2 runs, yet Begbroke’s fielding performance was not too good as they conceded 17 byes and 50 extras altogether.


J Simpson         Caught             62

P Cowdrey       Bowled            22

S Switala          Bowled            1

M Williams       Caught             1

M Shields         Run Out           0

S Robinson       Bowled            6

C Tarratt          Caught             2

G Burford         Bowled            5

A Banyard        Bowled            0

G Hawkins       LBW                0

M Jackson       Not Out           6

Extras                                       50

Total (38.0 Overs)

2 runs of total not accounted for in scorebook.


1-60     2-82     3-92     4-97     5-123   6-132   7-138   8-138   9-144   10-157


10 Overs          20Overs           30Overs

27-0                 74-1                 121-4


Tea and facilities were good, so a visit to Begbroke next year should happen!


Mike Jackson and Guy Burford opened the bowling against Wyatt and Grant.  The bowling was good, however the batsmen looked very competent as well.  Burford was belted for two cracking fours by Wyatt and it looked like we could soon be in trouble.  Then next ball after the second four Guy had him bowled with a beauty!  Ten for 1.  Next up was Day and I think I can safely say he is the biggest hitter I’ve seen all season.  Fantastic batting sending the fielders all over the place (mostly into the bushes beyond the boundary).  Then came a major turning point in the match and a most unfortunate moment.


Day absolutely and totally completely smashed bang walloped a quick delivery from Burford – the hardest hit shot I have ever seen on any cricket field – straight back.  Despite one or two later comments of dropped catch (!), Burford didn’t have time to move.  Unfortunately, nor did non striker Grant!  The ball deflected off his shoulder, straight into the side of his mouth.  Grant collapsed into a heap, spitting blood and bits of tooth.  Horrible I’m glad to say that he was soon back on his feet, somewhat shaken, but with no concussion or upper head injury which could have been really serious.  I was still surprised that he delayed his visit to hospital to get stitched up until after the game.


After due apologies, Day seemed surprisingly unperturbed by the incident and continued as before with big shots   But then Jackson put one down the line of uncertainty and for once the edge went straight to slip, where Simon Robinson took a good catch (27 for 2, effectively 3).  Undoubtedly the most important wicket of the match and fortunately well before Day had taken the game from us.


Burford was into one of the best spells of the season and had soon bowled two more from the middle order.  56 for 4, but going at nearly five an over.  We felt we had prised out some really good batsmen, but Begbroke seemed to bat well right down the innings.  Left hander Teeling batting at 6 scored a very good 40 and Green at 7 topped that with 47.  The quicker bowlers were starting to go for a few runs, so John decided it was time to drop the pace and I came on.  It didn’t make a lot of difference, the rate dropped slightly, but as debutant Chris Tarratt joined me at the other end, we couldn’t get a break through and at 94 for 4 and only 64 needed we seemed to be heading for defeat.  Then Teeling decided (on a bet with the umpire I found out later!) to charge me, but sold himself so early that I bowled one short and slightly wide and he was gone stumped thanks to a fine piece of work by Simon Switala.  Green was still striking the ball well and John was right to take me out of the attack soon after.


Meanwhile, Tarratt was into a pretty good spell of medium pace and removed the Begbrok number eight for 4 (112 for 6).   Graham Hawkins took over from me and despite some good bowling, Begbroke got to 145 for 6 and with only 13 needed for victory in 8 overs, we were surely out of the game.  Green was still batting well and Burns batting at 9 looked good with 11 not out.


Then Hawkins struck, first Green was bowled and then Burns caught Switala and Begbroke were 150 for 8, just 8 runs needed, but the last man was at the wicket as Day was unfit to return.


Now one of those idiosyncrasies of the (Begbroke) scorebook.  Last man Brock scored 7 in a partnership of zero.  Yes.  Hm.  I suspect the partnership was actually 7, the previous wicket being wrong by five and miss addition of the total by 2, when you add up the batsmen totals.


Whatever, John Simpson had come on with Hawkins and after 3 uneventful overs for just 7 bowled a fine delivery which Brock managed to nick to the keeper.  Switala duly caught it, dropped it, caught it, dropped it, juggled it a few times, had a quick look at the scoreboard, checked that his previous catch and stumping had been entered into the scorebook, checked that the bar was open and serving drinks and then caught it for the last time.  Begbroke all out for 150 and Holton had pulled the game out of the bag by just 6 runs.  Definitely the best atmosphere in the Holton camp post match this season.


I did feel a bit guilty though when I saw Grant in the shower washing out the last bits of blood and tooth from his injured jaw.


Begbroke 150 for 9 (all out, 33.2 Overs)


                        O         M         R          W

Jackson            6          0          29        1

Burford            8          2          32        3

Banyard           6          0          29        1

Tarratt              5          0          26        1

Hawkins           5          1          21        2

Simpson           3.2       0          7          1


Overall this was a great team performance, especially in the field where we excelled (8 extras against 50!), with a never say die attitude when the odds were stacked against us.

Holton Logo (480x479, 31989)