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Mourne Training Services (MTS)

Mourne Training Services (MTS) is an independent training consultancy specialising in learning and development related to pharmaceutical analysis. The consultancy was set up in 2007 by Oona McPolin, an experienced analytical chemist and fully qualified trainer.

The training services provided by MTS relate to the chemical analysis of pharmaceuticals. We provide training courses which can be delivered as on-site training or using web-based training and we can also provide expert advice on identifying learning needs and design, delivery and evaluation of training via our consultancy services.

 HPLC Training (202x291, 40398)

MTS offers training books on topics relating to the chemical analysis of pharmaceuticals. The books are written by Oona McPolin and are based on our popular courses. They provide practical and current information. The aim of MTS training books is to enable the reader to apply their learning in the laboratory straightaway and thus they act as ‘how to’ laboratory guidebooks. This makes them an ideal training solution for restricted budgets.

Validation (201x293, 54739)

ABPharm is currently evaluating these publications, so come back to this page shortly for our recommendation.  Update - ABPharm has now reviewed these publications.  They are both excellent detailed introductions to their subjects and come highly recommended!  A definite plus for analysts concerned with HPLC and validation of pharmaceutical analytical methods.

For further details and to make contact, we recommend you log on to Mourne Training Services.  Don't forget to mention ABPharm.