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The quality of a company is entirely dependent upon the quality of its people.  Therefore, recruitment arguably has more bearing upon the success of your company than any other activity.  Yet in our experience, all too often, there is a tendency for pharmaceutical companies to shortcut the recruitment process.  This may be due to other work pressures.

ABPharm can carry out technical interviews to recruit at all levels within your organization.  We have many years experience in recruitment of analytical chemists .

If speed and economy are important, we recommend that ABPharm conduct a technical screening telephone interview.  This is a very efficient service, because you only pay for the time of the call and preparation a brief summary.  Furthermore, once you have received our recommended shortlist, you save significant time and cost, by not bringing in unsuitable candidates.  You can have confidence that everyone you bring in for interview, has the technical competency to carry your designated role.  It goes without saying that we can give you appropriate feedback on personality as well (although we appreciate that only you can determine fit within your organization).

Currently, we can also advertise your vacancy on this website free of charge.