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Chipping Norton


Richard Denner XI 

24 July 2008

 Original report by Alan Banyard

 Match conditions: 20 Overs, 6.00 PM start.  Weather fine, reasonable batting wicket.

This report is written with a few notes taken from the scorebook.  Some more details needed.

Richard Denner won/lost (?) the toss and Chipping Norton batted first.  As I had to go out and field, I handed my camera to a spectator, so had no control over the pictures taken - the better ones are enclosed.

Nigel Walker opened the bowling and bowled two tidy overs for 7.  At the other end, Russ King took the first wicket of the innings (clean bowled) to finish with 1 for 11.  After four overs Chip were (circa) 18 for 1.

At that point Richard brough me on and I quickly had some success thanks to a catch by ?  Raj replaced Russ at the other end.

Denner 1 (480x258, 13276)

 The young Chip' bat defends one from Alan Banyard

 Denner 2 (480x276, 15911)

 Clip to mid wicket off Raj.

In the interests of sporting twenty20 cricket, Richard then proceeded to give bowling spell to the whole team except the keeper (Chris Tarratt) and himself.  It clearly worked as there were wickets for Nokes, Sean Shannon (2), Dave Williams and young Ben King.  Finally, Richard brought me on for what turned out to be the final over.  I had my second wicket thanks to a stumping by Chris Tarrat and than Chipping Norton's last wicket fell to a run out by ?  It was a key wicket as the man out was top scorer Scottle (35) and meant that the innings closed eight deliveries short of 20 overs.

Denner 3 (480x244, 15579)

Richard Denner throws one in from the boundary.

Denner 4 (480x257, 15316)

 Chip' bat awaits another Banyard delivery.

Denner 5 (480x236, 12809)

 ? attempts a run out!

Denner 6 (480x333, 16772)

 Sean Shannon shows how to do magic with a cricket ball!

Nevertheless, Chipping Norton had amassed a good score just over a hundred and the Denner XI were going to need to bat pretty well to take anything from the match.

Chipping Norton: 104 (?) all out off 18.4 overs

Fall of wickets: 1 for ?, 2 for ?, 3 for ?, 4 for ?, 5 for ?
                         6 for ?, 7 for ?, 8 for ?, 9 for ?
Bowler                     O       R      M       W
Nigel Walker             2         7      0        0
Russel King               2       11      0        1      (bowled)
Alan Banyard            2.4      6      1(?)    2      (caught, stumped)
Raj ?                        2       13      0        0
Dave Roach              2         2      ?         0
Nokes Denner          2        24      0        1     (bowled)
Sean Shannon          3        20      0        2     (bowled, caught)
Dave Williams           1         4      0        1      (bowled)
Ben King                  2         11     0        1      (caught)


Chris Tarratt and Richard Denner opened the batting.  I went out to umpire, camera in hand to take a few close ups.  It wasn't long before the Denner XI got off to a good start.

Denner 7 (480x316, 16783)

 Opening bat, Chris Tarratt looking to drive.

Denner 8 (480x319, 16940)

 Number two Richard Denner comes down the track to get to the pitch.

Denner 9 (480x415, 21791)

 Chris Tarratt with a perfect forward defence.

Denner 10 (480x396, 22593)

 Richard Denner eyes up a floater.

After 5 overs the score had progressed rapidly to 33 for none and the signs were good.  Then at 40, both openers were both back in the hutch, with Chris Tarratt making and excellent 27 and Richard Denner adding support with 8.  It had been a splendid opening stand, but was this the start of a Denner XI collapse?

Denner 11 (480x425, 19140)

 Richard looking to back up.

Denner 12 (480x355, 16899)

 Ditto Chris Tarratt.

Denner 13 (480x441, 26658)

 Chris Tarrat takes the walk after being adjudged LBW (not by me!) - but not before he had top scored with 27.

It was now up to Russel King and Dave Williams to take up the chase.  Earlier in the season, Russ scored almost 50 in a twenty20 including 3 sixes and a four in an over.  Today, after a gentle start he dominated the batting again.

Denner 14 (480x363, 19872)

 Russ King looks to defend a straight one.

Denner 15 (480x311, 12289)

 Dave Williams looking to cut a short ball.

Denner 16 (480x382, 18813)

 Good line and length to Dave Williams.

Denner 17 (480x328, 15778)

 Russ King back on strike.

Denner 18 (480x356, 14323)

Attacking shot from Russ.

At 73 for 2 in the 14th over the signs were good and victory was in sight.  Then in the space of a few balls, four wickets fell and Denner XI were struggling at 75 for 6.  Russ departed caught for a fine 27, making him joint top scorer with Chris.

 Denner 19 (480x427, 23558)

 Russ King has been caught for a brilliant 27.

Denner 20 (480x295, 18742)

 Chris Tarrat (now umpiring) advises Dave.

Denner 21 (480x389, 16852)

 Who is this?

Denner 22 (480x576, 21562)

Dave Williams stay at the wicket is over.

By now Dave Williams, Dave Roach and P Shuter (who is that?) had all departed.  But all was not lost as Raj and Nokes Denner took up the challenge.  Run scoring was difficult, however they managed to keep the scoreboard ticking and they were helped by a young bowler who managed to bowl about six wides in an over.  Then Nokes was unfortunately run out at 88 for 7, with only a couple of overs to spare.  By now I had padded up and came in to join Raj.  I found myself on strike for most of the remaining deliveries and thanks to some more wides, a few ones and twos and finally a match winning boundary, the game was in the bag.  There were still four ball to spare and Denner XI had won by three wickets.

Denner 23 (480x660, 40244)

  Alan Banyard and Raj celebrate scoring the winning runs.

Richard Denner XI Innings

1  Chris Tarratt                        LBW                        27
2  Richard Denner                   caught                      8
3  Russel King                          caught                    27
4  Dave Williams                      caught                      4 
5  Dave Roach                         caught                      1
6  Raj                                      NOT OUT                  10
7  P Shuter                              run out                     0
8  Nokes Denner                      run out                     3
9  Alan Banyard                       NOT OUT                   9
Extras                       ?b  ?lb  10w  ?nb                       18
TOTAL                       7 Wickets, 19.1(?) overs   107
Fall of wickets: 1 for 40, 2 for 40, 3 for 73, 4 for 74, 5 for 74
                         6 for 75, 7 for 88

 Holton Logo (480x479, 31989)